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Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

I can’t remember why I bought this. I had been wanting to try a Bite Beauty lip product for a while now, but I was looking more towards their French Press lip glosses than a balm.

I think it vaguely had something to do with a Sephora special, I must have needed to spend a certain amount for something, free shipping maybe. So I ended up with this Agave lip mask, a better than your average lip balm. And so it should be for AUD$40.00 I expected to have the healthiest, smoothest lips I’d ever experienced.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Eye Shadow Palette

I’d always had my eye on this palette. Nowadays it seems every new release from mainstream brands (Huda, Urban Decay, Too Faced etc.) are just really boring to me. I’m not a neutral girl so one basic taupe palette will do me.

I look for interesting new shades and formulas when I shop for eyeshadow so when I saw this palette released from ABH I was immediately interested. That pop of green and the lavender metallic, it looked like exactly my type of eyeshadow palette.

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For the last month I’ve been trying to move past my safe makeup options and to try some products that have been rolling around in my drawers for ages that I’d never properly used. So this month’s favourites are a mixture of some old loves and some brand new ones which is always exciting. I have a mix of makeup and skincare and even one body care product that I wanted to include as well. I’ll start with the skincare and body care then move onto the makeup.

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2019. My no-buy year.

Yes, I am currently doing a no-buy year. I was put onto the idea after watching Hannah Louise Poston on YouTube and hearing about her experience and how it changed her for the better.

But I’m getting ahead of myself so to backtrack a little bit. For those who don’t know what a no-buy means, a no-buy is a period of time where you don’t buy anything at all.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

I knew I was always going to buy the ABH Dipbrow Pomade however I struggled for a while to decide on a shade. However, to my absolute delight my worries were unnecessary. The pigmentation of this pomade can be thinned down and built up to be drastically different. I did buy Granite in the end and the shade was not an issue, if I use a light hand than the colour matches me perfectly and if I use a heavier hand I can have bolder more editorial brows.

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