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If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time then you’ll have noticed the recent changes I’ve made to the design and name. Recently I decided that I wanted to make this blog have a bit of character and base it off some of my favourite blogs that I follow. I wanted to narrow down it’s purpose and and I why write in it.

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Halo Beauty Kiwi Seed Skin Booster

Halo has been my first time using a dietary supplement to attempt to better my skin. I do take fish oil and maca tablets as those are meant to aid in hormonal breakouts, which is what I suffer from, but I’d never delved any deeper into the area than that.

So when Tati Westbrook announced on her YouTube channel that she was producing a skin boosting multivitamin my interest was piqued.

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Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag

I was watching Youtube this morning and a few of the channels I’m subscribed to did this Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag. The videos were really fun and interesting to watch and I thought that a tag like this might be a nice change from the reviews I normally do. I laughed when I watched Tati’s video and she said that she was tagging herself to do this because no one had actually tagged her, so I decided that I would do the same. So I’m tagging myself into this because I want to do fun things too!

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My Travel Makeup Bag

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately! Today I returned from a week long work trip/holiday to Sydney and I’ll be back to posting more regularly now.

Continuing with my Sydney trip, I thought it would be an interesting change from my normal reviews to show you what I packed in my travel makeup bag and compare that to what I ended up using.

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2019. My no-buy year.

Yes, I am currently doing a no-buy year. I was put onto the idea after watching Hannah Louise Poston on YouTube and hearing about her experience and how it changed her for the better.

But I’m getting ahead of myself so to backtrack a little bit. For those who don’t know what a no-buy means, a no-buy is a period of time where you don’t buy anything at all.

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