Welcome to Beauty Joy Review

Hi everyone I’m Hannah!

This blog is a new endeavour for me; make-up slightly less so, but only slightly. By that I mean I’ve been wearing make-up for a couple of years now, and by wearing make-up, I mean wearing more than the one powder foundation I had owned since I was sixteen. Considering I’m nearing 23 I was wearing only that wrong shade, wrong finish powder foundation for a long time.

The reason I am creating this blog among the thousands that already exist is that even with the millions of make-up and skincare reviews available to me, I still struggle to find the ones that show how the products look on your skin. Foundation swatches on the back of a hand are difficult for me to match and eyeshadow swiped with a finger on a forearm is not how I wear it on my eyes. So I am going to try and show how I use the make-up in my collection whilst also giving my two cents on the product as well.

I hope this helps anyone like me, who sometimes is so excited but so at a loss of what to do with the make-up and skincare they own!