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July Empties

July for an Australian means winter time which means my skincare routine needed a change up and thus nearly all of my empties for the month have been skincare.

I was so close to finishing some other products but they didn't quite make the cut off so they'll be featured in my August empties instead! As for the last month I'll start with one of the two cleaners I finished.

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June Empties

After the huge clear-out of my May empties last month, June has been a bit more relaxed for products that I finished. However even though I only went through five products there were a couple that I had been waiting to finish for months now and it's such a great feeling to be finally freeing up some space in my collection

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May Empties

Another month come and gone and finally I was able to finish the last of many products that I'd been waiting to run through. This months empties features a lot of skincare and a couple of makeup products. I'll briefly run through each product to give a very short review and tell you if I would repurchase the product or not.

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Halo Beauty Kiwi Seed Skin Booster

Halo has been my first time using a dietary supplement to attempt to better my skin. I do take fish oil and maca tablets as those are meant to aid in hormonal breakouts, which is what I suffer from, but I’d never delved any deeper into the area than that.

So when Tati Westbrook announced on her YouTube channel that she was producing a skin boosting multivitamin my interest was piqued.

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For the last month I’ve been trying to move past my safe makeup options and to try some products that have been rolling around in my drawers for ages that I’d never properly used. So this month’s favourites are a mixture of some old loves and some brand new ones which is always exciting. I have a mix of makeup and skincare and even one body care product that I wanted to include as well. I’ll start with the skincare and body care then move onto the makeup.

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