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Fyrinnae Powder Highlighter: In The Spotlight

One of many reasons why I love Fyrinnae so much is that they offer sample sizes for so many of their products. With the amount of makeup that I already own, I never finish full sized products unless I dedicatedly use them every day. This sample highlighter is a tiny little thing but it allows me to try a new highlighting formula without having a huge amount of product to go through.

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July Favourites

July was a colourful month for me, I got back into bright eyeshadow which made for a lot of fun new looks.

However it was back to the basics for my base products as I was often in need of a full face that would wear well for more than ten hours. So a little bit of fun and a little bit of seriousness for July.

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July Empties

July for an Australian means winter time which means my skincare routine needed a change up and thus nearly all of my empties for the month have been skincare.

I was so close to finishing some other products but they didn't quite make the cut off so they'll be featured in my August empties instead! As for the last month I'll start with one of the two cleaners I finished.

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June Favourites

June was a simpler month for me in both beauty and skincare. I'm trying to simplify my skincare routine as it's gotten a little out of control and I've been leaning towards more basic makeup looks for day to day wear.

Maybe because of the winter months here I'm spending more time in the mornings hiding in my bed than waking up early to dedicate an hour to my makeup.

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June Empties

After the huge clear-out of my May empties last month, June has been a bit more relaxed for products that I finished. However even though I only went through five products there were a couple that I had been waiting to finish for months now and it's such a great feeling to be finally freeing up some space in my collection

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May Empties

Another month come and gone and finally I was able to finish the last of many products that I'd been waiting to run through. This months empties features a lot of skincare and a couple of makeup products. I'll briefly run through each product to give a very short review and tell you if I would repurchase the product or not.

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Nudestix Blur Pencil

It’s a good thing I received this as a promo gift because if I’d paid AUD$35.00 for this I’d be writing a complaint email asking for my money back. This is by far the worst makeup product I’ve ever used, I don’t even know if I can call it a primer because it doesn’t prime your skin at all however that is what it’s labelled as.

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My Travel Makeup Bag

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately! Today I returned from a week long work trip/holiday to Sydney and I’ll be back to posting more regularly now.

Continuing with my Sydney trip, I thought it would be an interesting change from my normal reviews to show you what I packed in my travel makeup bag and compare that to what I ended up using.

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For the last month I’ve been trying to move past my safe makeup options and to try some products that have been rolling around in my drawers for ages that I’d never properly used. So this month’s favourites are a mixture of some old loves and some brand new ones which is always exciting. I have a mix of makeup and skincare and even one body care product that I wanted to include as well. I’ll start with the skincare and body care then move onto the makeup.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

I knew I was always going to buy the ABH Dipbrow Pomade however I struggled for a while to decide on a shade. However, to my absolute delight my worries were unnecessary. The pigmentation of this pomade can be thinned down and built up to be drastically different. I did buy Granite in the end and the shade was not an issue, if I use a light hand than the colour matches me perfectly and if I use a heavier hand I can have bolder more editorial brows.

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