June Favourites

June was a simpler month for me in both beauty and skincare. I'm trying to simplify my skincare routine as it's gotten a little out of control and I've been leaning towards more basic makeup looks for day to day wear.

Maybe because of the winter months here I'm spending more time in the mornings hiding in my bed than waking up early to dedicate an hour to my makeup.

I also decided to start a project pan which I've never been brave enough to do. I suppose I'm just not the type of person to ever use a single product so routinely that I'd wear it down to a pan. In saying that, I've been holding back on all of my other bronzers and contours to use up this one kit and I'm already seeing pan on each shade so I'm pretty excited about that. So to start of this latest round of my monthly favourites I'll talk about that contour kit.



Revlon Sculpt and Highlight Contour Kit in Light/Medium

I've owned this contour kit from when I was first getting into makeup so it has to be at least three years old. Being that old it's no wonder that I'm getting down to the pan on each of the shades. Technically I finished the highlighter off ages ago but it was pretty weak so I layered it a lot. Now this kit is supposed to work for Light/Medium skin tones however the bronzer in this is slightly too orange for my liking but when I mix it together with the cooler contour shade then it looks much nicer on my skin. Because I'm actively trying to pan this product I've been using it every day and I do really like it. The bronzer is matte which has been good during winter and the contour is a really nice shade that looks very natural when worn.


Stila Matte 'N Metal Eye Shadow Palette

Like I mentioned in the intro I've been wearing a lot of neutral eyeshadow looks lately. I think because it's winter I haven't had the effort in the early mornings to wake up early for my makeup. However it's actually been really good for my eyeshadow collection as it means I've been using a lot of my more "nude" palettes that I'd never gotten around to trying before. This Stila palette has some really nice, soft tones and the shimmers are all beautiful. I know when I pick this up that I can make a soft glam look easily that will wear throughout the day and not crease or fade. Also the mirror in this palette is big and fantastic.

 Chi Chi Viva La Diva Lipstick - Free Spirit

Yay! I found this lipstick. I thought I'd lost this shade months ago and mourned it's space in my collection however it was hiding all along in one of my handbags so with it's rediscovery I've been wearing it at every opportunity this month and loving it! I normally don't wear matte lipstick ever but this is one of the most comfortable formula's I've come across and so is one of the very few matte lippies I'll wear. It's super pigmented and doesn't dry out my lips, it will wear fairly well for a bullet lipstick however not as long as some of the super strong liquid lipstick formulas out there. Nevertheless I really love this shade and formula and so I'm very glad to have this product in my collection once again.


Benefit 24-HR Brows Setter

For some reason I'd never really been sold on the idea of colourless brow gels, the ones used to just shape your eyebrows. Why I felt this way I'll never know because I've been using this brow gel basically every day and wow, what a difference it makes. It's very easy to brush through my brows and shape them when I'm in a hurry and can't be bothered with my brow pomade. It's not a super glue hold or anything however if I don't touch my brows then it will last an 8 hour day which is good enough to please me.


Flora Remedia Calm Aromatherapy Roll On

Finally this last product I've been loving is technically supposed to be used for aromatherapy I'm pretty sure however I just use it for it's perfume and it has been lovely. While I can't say I've noticed any calming effect like what it's supposed to have, the scent is very natural and will last for ages on my skin. I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear it and people are always surprised to hear that it's aromatherapy and not just a perfume. It comes in a glass tube with a roll on application so it's great to throw in my handbag and take to work for when I need to freshen up. Apparently there is a whole range of different scents for different aromatherapy needs so I'd be very interested in trying some of the others once I've run through this one. 



Alright those were all of my favourite products that I've been using throughout the last month. There were a couple of unusual choices for me so it's been a time for trying new things. I'm very excited about the idea of panning a whole contour kit so I'll keep you posted, hopefully it'll show up in one of my monthly empties posts soon!