July Favourites


July was a colourful month for me, I got back into bright eyeshadow which made for a lot of fun new looks.

However it was back to the basics for my base products as I was often in need of a full face that would wear well for more than ten hours. So a little bit of fun and a little bit of seriousness for July.


Colourpop x My Little Pony Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette

An old love of mine, this palette featured in my favourite products of 2018 and it's back again for July 2019. The colour range in this one palette gives me a multitude of looks that I can make without having to use any other eyeshadows. This calls to the part of me that loves a fun makeup look with as minimal effort as I need to put in. The formula in this is hit a miss, it can vary greatly between shades. Some of the mattes need building and some of the shimmers are crumbly and with fall out but it's so colourful and inspiring to me that none of that really matters. This palette has reawaken my colourful side and I thank it for that.


Colourpop Flexitarian Super Shock Highlighter

Another Colourpop product however where the eyeshadow palette was colourful and imaginative this highlighter is a classic "nude" for me. It blends in perfectly with my skin, is shiny but not glittery and wears fabulously throughout the day. It sits on top of my other makeup products well and due to all of those good reasons I kept reaching for it because I know it wont let me down. I'm slowly making a dip in the surface and considering how many other highlighters I own and like to use it shows that this is still probably my most reached for of them all.


Maybelline Fit Me® Matte + Poreless Foundation

Another classic that I know can hold up against tough conditions. Even though it's winter and my oily skin is at it's best I've still been wearing this foundation a lot as I've been having a lot of very long work days and so by the end I can be looking pretty slick if I'm not in a matte foundation. This is also one of the few drug store foundations that has a shade light enough and neutral enough to suit me well. I wear this foundation as a sheer to medium coverage and the only issue I notice when applying it is that it doesn't layer well. If ever I want to go back in with some more foundation it will break apart and lift the first layer and then look patchy after that. So if I'm wearing this I know that it's one layer and done with.


Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara

I got this mascara as a hand-me-down from my mum. Unfortunately it’s getting towards the end of it’s life as it’s beginning to really dry out however I have still been reaching for it a lot lately. It has a tiny, thin wand which means I can very precisely apply the mascara to my lashes and as the formula is currently a little dry it never over applies it, especially to my lower lashes. It's been a very handy little mascara for me to use and I’ll miss it when it eventually dries up completely.

Cozzette S135 Contour Stylist Brush

I'm terrible when it comes to using brushes for the purpose they were designed for and this is yet another example of that. This Contour Stylist Brush is actually the brush I use to apply my setting powder with. And I know that sounds like a super boring brush - why is it in my favourites - well that is because I've noticed a serious improvement in how long my face stays matte when I use this brush to apply my setting powder. Because of the flatness of the brush head I can press the powder into my skin instead of swirling or dusting and so it keeps my oil at bay much better than with those other methods. It's similar to using a beauty sponge to press powder into your skin however it doesn't leave as much pigment as that method and so I prefer it to that. For my constantly oily skin this new way of applying setting powder has actually made a big difference in how long I can stay relatively matte.


And that is the end of my favourite products to use during July. I look forward to the next month and seeing if my tastes will swing back to more neutral looks or if I will continue along with the colourful palettes! You'll know in my August favourites!

Until then, I hope you’re as happy and as healthy as can be!