Colourpop Butter Crème Lux Lipstick

This was one of the last items I bought in 2018. Coloupop had a sale on, as they often do, and I picked up this lipstick and one of their Jelly Much shadows.

I bought this lipstick because I am forever chasing a nude colour for me. Unfortunately as I do most of my shopping online, the colours are always difficult to tell and they’ll often turn out different than described.

This lipstick is the same as all before it. It’s not exactly my ideal nude. It’s close enough that I’ll wear it and enjoy it but it is a shade too dark and has too warm of an undertone for what I’m really looking for. So the hunt for that perfect nude continues, however for now I’ll write a quick review on the shade that I own.


The formula of this lipstick is actually a little difficult for me to work with. For some reason it applies very patchily and I will have to layer it multiple times to build up its pigmentation to hide that patchiness. It almost reminds me of split milk or cream the way it can apply, like it’s separating on my lips. I thought initially that the light balm I’d been wearing underneath it was breaking the lipstick apart but even when my lips are bare the Colourpop lipstick will still apply poorly.

Unfortunately it doesn’t get much better from there. This wears like most lipsticks I’ve tried, it will eventually fade within a couple of hours and it definitely doesn’t hold up against food or drink. It also fades into the same separated effect that it applied like. In saying all of that, once this lipstick has been applied to a standard that I’m okay with, it’s very comfortable to wear. It doesn’t dry down completely and it won’t stick to any rough or textured patches on my lips.

Knowing all of this, I don’t end up wearing this lipstick too often because it’s a rare day when I’ll only need to look nice for a couple of hours. And that’s roughly how long I know this lipstick will last.

Left: One swipe application | Right: Three swipes application

Full application

Full application

Do I recommend this?

I’d rather spend a little more and buy a Chi Chi Viva La Diva Lipstick. They have a formula that’s right in the places this one is wrong and because of that, if I was grabbing a matte lipstick to take on the go, I’d choose the Chi Chi one knowing I could slap it on and not have to worry about a thing. This isn’t the worst formula I’ve tried however I know the Chi Chi one is better and I’d rather buy quality over quantity.